Street Creep

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street-creepWhen inspecting homes, we sometimes run across Street Creep

No, I’m not talking about the “creepy guy” standing in the street or a reason to call the police. What home inspectors are referring to is a phenomenon where the street actual creeps or moves exerting a force on your driveway and thus potentially damaging your garage and house foundation.

If your home has an attached garage facing the street and both the driveway and street are made of concrete your house’s foundation maybe effected by street creep (also known as concrete creep). Houses located at the intersection of two streets (a T), in a cul-de-sac, on the outside of a curved street or on the downhill side of your road tend to be effected. Gravity, thermal expansion, expansive soils and the inertia of traffic can cause the road to move and push your driveway into the garage and/or house foundation thus damaging the foundation.

If the driveway was installed where the concrete driveway is thicker than the expansion joint creating concrete to concrete pressure the expansion joint is useless. In this case, when the concrete moves or expands it is still pushing on concrete not compressing the expansion joint.

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