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Finding the best home inspector for you!

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Revised 4/26/2022 You are looking to buy or sell a home. A home inspection is one of the only genuine unbiased people that are lookout for your interests, and the home inspection is critical to understanding what you are buying. People often ask how do I choose a home inspector? What makes a good home inspector? How do you find the right home inspector? The answer is relative to your needs. Most real estate professionals …

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Problem and defective water shut off valves

In Plumbing by Mark Goodman

Recently, I was doing a home inspection for a buyer and ran across a situation which is frequently seen by home inspectors. We commonly come across corrosion on water valves. Water shut-off valves that exhibit valve body corrosion are considered a defect. Sometimes a slow leak results in whitish or greenish corrosion; however, in this case it typically is whit spotting which will grow over time, creating encrustations. These defective valves are typically found in …

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