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When you hire me for your home inspection, you hire an ASHI Certified Home Inspector working for BPG Inspections in Creve Coeur.

I perform comprehensive visual inspections of readily accessible, installed systems and components based on the ASHI Standard of Practice. The items examined in a typical home inspection include the plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems, foundation, roof, interior, and exterior structures, and built-in appliances. The visual inspection culminates in comprehensive, computer-generated reports describing the condition of the items and systems inspected. I'll deliver a personalized digital inspection report with photos within 24 hours or less.

My objective is to ensure you have a thorough and professional Creve Coeur Home Inspections experience. I am an ASHI Certified Home Inspector performing in-depth home inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standard of Practice. Your inspection will be detailed and informative, with all questions and concerns answered. I am highly trusted by my clients and other home inspectors who trust me in leadership roles at the local and national levels of ASHI. Want to confirm my trustworthiness? Check out my review and credentials. If you buy in Creve Coeur, Missouri, call me or BPG's scheduling center for an experience you can trust.

When you have a BPG property inspection, you get peace of mind beyond the inspection. Every property inspection is protected by BPG's 90-Day Inspection Guarantee from the date of the inspection. The guarantee is provided to BPG home-buyer clients of owner-occupied one and two-family re-sale houses and condominiums (excluding common elements). It applies to the listed and specified elements that were satisfactory, with no "Action" or "Consideration" items noted by the inspector. We are so confident in our training and property inspection techniques that we offer you this written guarantee.

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Realtors Recommend That Buyers Obtain A Professional Creve Coeur Home Inspection by an ASHI Certified Home Inspector.

If you're buying, you need a home inspection even f the sellers to say they will not accept a contract with an inspection contingency or your Realtors thinks you can't win a bidding war if you intend to get a home inspection. Buying without a home inspection means you don't know what you are buying and everything that is a red flag or a consideration item relates to dollars. You need as much information as possible about the home you are considering, and a comprehensive home inspection offers important protection for your investment.

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Your about to make the most significant single investment of your life! You need to make sure it's a good investment. Every red flag, action item, consideration item, and defect boils down to dollars. Dollars you may have to spend. It would be best to make sure there are no unforeseen hidden costs.

How do you pick a home inspector, and what should you look for in one? You always want to hire an ASHI Certified Inspector. Want to know the difference between ASHI and other home inspection organizations? I encourage you to visit their websites and read the requirements to become a certified inspector, as there is a difference. When you hire a home inspector, you get what you pay for. Experience, background, and training make a difference. The real value is knowledge, experience, and inspection quality. You want to make sure your inspector will tell you how it is and not sugarcoat anything. To verify your inspector is an ASHI Certified Inspector visit St. Louis ASHI.

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"Mark Goodman was incredible. I literally felt like I was on an episode of "This Old House" while he took us through our inspection process. Being a first time home buyer, we had a lot of questions and hesitations, along with a lot to learn. Mark made us feel comfortable and was easy to talk to. He showed us not only things to look for in this particular house, but what was done well and what could be improved upon. Though we did not proceed with the contract under inspection, we will definitely be using him again. Came highly recommended by our amazing Realtor Claudia Diel."Stella Brockman
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